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Fantasy Realms
Erik-Peter Mortensen

Erik-Peter Mortensen - Fantasy Realms

The genre-fusing debut release from classical / futuristic Singer-
Composer Erik-Peter Mortensen!


'Fantasy Realms', the debut release from Erik-Peter, is a 4-song EP.

As the name implies, the tracks for this album embrace a wide variety of musical styles to evoke a collective consciousness (or subconsciousness) in the listener that is ageless, mythical, transcendent and heroic, and at the same time deeply personal, even divine.

The 4 tracks selected for release are:

Across the Sands.  Inspired by Hebrew Sephardic Chant and the fantasy film genre, this sweeping symphonic overture, filled with rich vocal & choral accents, stimulates the imagination and prepares the listener for an exciting and mythical adventure.

Blue Skies.  With lyrics contributed by singer/songwriter
Phil Robinson, this track is a mixture of Flamenco, Gregorian Chant, the Latin Rhumba, the Film Western, the Chamber Orchestra, Pop and a variety of other styles. The "blue skies" imagery throughout can be seen as a state of mind for which the hero, and perhaps each of us, strives for in our journey through life for knowledge and self-realization.

Dragon Song.  Inspired by a short story by Anna Nikitina, the protagonist is a female White Dragon whose soul has been bonded to a human knight. The dragonís love for the knight ultimately helps him overcome a serious trial, and a new adventure begins for both of them. Contrasting elements from works like 'Carmina Burana', 'Gregorian Chant', and 'Lord of the Rings' can be heard throughout.

Queen of the Nile.  Written from the perspective of a historical (or perceived) female Egyptian Pharaoh, the Queen surveys the beauty, glory, power and majesty of her vast Egyptian Empire and even all past empires, and then declares those attributes as nothing compared to her eternal devotion to her true love. This track features a blend of Middle Eastern harmonic language and percussion, large choruses and sweeping orchestration. Lyrics by Erik-Peter Mortensen.


To hear demo versions of both Blue Skies and Dragon Song, visit Erik-Peter's MySpace page.

1.     Across The Sands                                                                                      4:11
2.     Blue Skies     5:12
3.     Dragon Song     5:34
4.     Queen of the Nile     4:43
(Track listing and times subject to change.)

All music and lyrics by Erik-Peter Mortensen
(except lyrics to 'Blue Skies', by Phil Robinson)
Produced by Erik-Peter Mortensen

Erik-Peter Mortensen
Erik-Peter Mortensen

Stay tuned.