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Arielle - Whet

Ride the wave of Rock Fusion: Lush vocals, innovative instrumentation, and nature's rhythms uplift your spirit, your creativity, and your passions!

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Since passion for passionís sake has always impassioned her, Arielle explores this phenomenon in her music. "Whet," her current concept CD, honors her dedication to creating her own brand of tuneful fervor. Her music flows with a blend of vocal depth, tense sensuality, mystery, and muse-icality.

As in her other creative pursuits as a singer/songwriter, Arielle has a passionate, eclectic approach to her musical performance. Her edgy, melodic voice has been compared at times to Alanis, Janis, and Ani. Her lyrics reveal the writer in her, leaving enough ambiguity for the listener to engage various interpretations along with detailed word choices to evoke deep emotion. Her melodies appear ostensibly simple and yet paradoxical.

The songs for "Whet" are played with acoustic solos, sensual piano, voice-like Erhu harmonies, and rock band motifs. Added vocal harmonies create a fuller, more emotional experience. All of which is encapsulated by organic sounds and poetry done by the artist.

1.     Trippin'                                                                              3:20
2.     Ode     4:26
3.     In     4:44
4.     Indiscreet     4:42
5.     Sloshed     1:38
6.     Curvations     2:24
7.     Bothways     3:34
8.     Whet     4:25
9.     Neptunes     1:23
10.     Beyond Eternity     3:48


Produced and Performed by Arielle

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Dedicated to Co-Producer
Phil Robinson

Art and Design by
Camille Gomez


A portion of
proceeds will go to:
Supportive Housing
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