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'Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician'... Available Now!! 02.03.2015
Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician, a loving tribute album which faithfully re-creates one of the renowned mythologist's little-known performances as a 1920's jazz saxophonist, is now available on CD and digital formats everywhere!

    Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician    

Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician
A Tribute to the Mythologist's Musical Side
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Before he became known as the preeminent mythologist of our time, young Joseph Campbell spent much of the Roaring Twenties playing saxophone in a New York City-based jazz band, during his years as a student at Columbia University. At its peak, the band regularly played some of the prestigious nightspots of Prohibition-era New York, which opened up exciting new worlds of experience for Campbell.

On this tribute album, The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band, along with producer Phil Robinson (of the Campbell-inspired rock band, The Bliss Jockeys), highlight this little-known facet of Campbell's life by faithfully recreating the lineup, style and repertoire of Campbell's band, while adding their own special touch.

Exclusive Liner Notes:

The CD includes extensive liner notes featuring a well-researched essay illuminating and exploring Joseph Campbell's jazz career, contributed by Joseph Campbell Foundation columnist Stephen Gerringer himself, exclusive to the physical edition.



"Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician was created with the full cooperation of the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF). Kudos to producer Phil Robinson and The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band for their loving and faithful re-creation of what a night with Joseph Campbell's jazz band would have sounded like! And boy, does it swing...!"

-- Stephen Gerringer,
Joseph Campbell Foundation


"Phil Robinson has done a memorable service for the entire (worldwide) Joseph Campbell community. While widely recognized for his contributions as the outstanding (American, if not World) mythologist of the 20th century, Campbell has not yet been celebrated as spellbinding storyteller, writer of fiction, musician, and even visual artist.

In his evolution as "cultural creative" Joe paid much of his way through Columbia College by playing in jazz bands. Maybe it was his way of including the right (musical, artistic, creative) along with the left hemisphere of words that constitutes academia. As it was, he played in important public venues all around NYC and earned enough money to pay part of his college tuition and expenses.

His was never, ever, a one-sided intellectual mind; but one full of the vibrant rhythms and images of the ages!"

-- Stephen Larsen,
Author (with Robin Larsen),
Joseph Campbell: A Fire in the Mind - The Authorized Biography
and 10 other books.
Co-Director (with Robin Larsen),
The Center for Symbolic Studies



Experience 'Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician' Now!!
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The Bliss Jockeys, Recorded by... The Bliss Jockeys! 11.03.2013
The Bliss Jockeys After two years tearing it up at rock venues all around NYC with their exciting live show, The Bliss Jockeys are finally setting their songs down in the recording studio for their highly-anticipated debut album, The Birth of Bliss. And they didn't have to look far to find the perfect production team!

In a stroke of good luck, it turns out that both Bliss Jockeys guitarist, Josh Friedman, and electric bassist, Merter Yildirim, in addition to being stellar musicians, each also has extensive training and experience in the world of audio engineering and a feel for production.

Josh Friedman (guitar) and Merter Yildirim (bass) at The Cutting Room, during The Bliss Jockeys' set at the 20th Annual Jammy Awards (photo by Brian Lin)
Josh Friedman (guitar) and Merter Yildirim (bass) at The Cutting Room,
during The Bliss Jockeys' set at the 20th Annual Jammy Awards
(photo by Brian Lin)

Bliss Jockeys head honcho, Phil Robinson, who had originally started sessions with a different producer, immediately switched gears and started over with Josh and Merter at the helm, deciding to trust his bandmates with the project after their first experiment yielded superior results.

Merter manning the controls during recording at Dubway Studios (photo by Phil Robinson)
Bliss Jockeys bassist Merter Yildirim manning the controls during
recording at Dubway Studios (photo by Phil Robinson)

"This is really an ideal setup for the band," says Robinson. "You always hope that the production and engineering team understands the band's vision and that everyone's aims are in alignment. Well, in this case, that's obviously not a worry-- and Josh and Merter have each more than proven their worth on BOTH sides of the console. I can't wait to get our record out into the hands of our fans. It'll be well worth the wait!"

The album is targeted for release in late 2015.

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