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The Bliss Jockeys

The Bliss Jockeys

Part rock, part gospel & part jam band, The Bliss Jockeys deliver a large, delirious experience that energizes and inspires audiences every time!


When NY-based singer/songwriter Phil Robinson imagined the kind of high-octane, cinematic and FUN music he wanted to create, he realized he needed a band to bring that music to life... a VERY LARGE band.

The Bliss Jockeys
Memphis (Live at The Mega Meetup 2007, NY)


Drawing on friendships and connections he's cultivated throughout his years in New York, Phil has assembled this large 13-piece all-star ensemble that reads like a veritable who's who of luminaries of the NY music scene: With crack instrumentalists including singer/songwriter Jason Vitelli on his native instrument of keyboards, Oz Middleton (of Obsidian Oz fame) on bass, James Pedersen on drums, and the duel guitar attack of Hector and Besto borrowed from Rain Of The Rock, along with a powerhouse SEVEN WOMAN gospel-style choir featuring singer-songwriters Jessica Lee, Deneva, Ellen Weiss and Cynthia Pierce (AKA punk diva The Blonde Buddha), as well as rising opera star Maria King and NY songbirds Aline Goodman and Stefanie Trice, The Bliss Jockeys create an EPIC live presence that's undeniable on any stage.

Though mainly characterized as Pop/Rock, The Bliss Jockeys' musical vocabulary includes touches of roadhouse rock, roots music, stadium-worthy power anthems, Southern congregational singing and tent revival theater. Their popular songs, such as 'Transcendental Cowboy', 'Memphis' and '99 Days', draw on a wide range of influences that recall the playfulness and energy of Phish, The Animals, The Violent Femmes and even some of the loping wildness of early E Street.

In fact, this accomplished band has already seen some of its music broadcast to the NY metro area on Fox and CBS television stations, linked to the official launching of Roomful of Sky Records itself.


The Bliss Jockeys derive their name from a simple idea-- Using their instruments and voices as the reigns, the Jockeys sit atop that elusive wild blue electricity of life, harnessing its power as a rider would a bucking bronto, directing, and channeling it toward and into the audience, creating a LARGE sound which opens you right up to broader horizons. Utilizing all the elements of the band as a large palette, Phil, as band-leader, translates the emotional journey of life into fun and upbeat music that gets you dancing and singing along.

Whether they're playing for hundreds of people at an outdoor show or dialing down for a more intimate set, The Bliss Jockeys create high-energy soundscapes which carry Phil's transcendent, questing lyrics to dizzying heights. Time and again, they create a space where the lines between band and audience blur with the aim that by the end of the night everyone's soaked in sweat, tired and hoarse from all the singing.

Roomful of Sky is very excited to help The Bliss Jockeys continue to capture bliss in a bottle in order to share it with all of their many fans!

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The Bliss Jockeys - The Birth of Bliss
The Birth of Bliss