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Mindy Dillard

"Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights" - AVAILABLE NOW !!

Mindy Dillard

The Sweet 'n' Salty songstress who teases the mythic rhythms from everyday life!


Mindy Dillard is a born alchemist. She approaches musical composition and songwriting with mischievous spirit and fierce determination. In her song-stories, everyday life is mythical and the mundane is magical. As the alchemist transforms base metals into precious gems, she transforms ordinary experiences into revelatory moments of catharsis. She illuminates nourishment in unlikely places.

Her stature and vocal attack are reminiscent of Bernadette Peters, while her upper register and song-story structure remind of Dar Williams. That upper register also sounds a little like Joni sometimes, with a wry Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) mixed into the recipe. Her lyrical soprano also twists down into sultry vixen territory occasionally trading her seeming innocence for age and experience when necessary. Her extensive vocal training allows her to dip into many genres.

Up she grew in Salt Lake City, Utah where at age ten she discovered musical theatre. Ah! That was it. She ran with it. While other kids were listening to indie rock and pop, Mindy listened to Sondheim musicals, contemporary jazz and Joni. A conservatory acting program would follow at the University of Utah. Fast forward 4 years, she and boyfriend (at the time) headed for the land of Portlandia. She taught theatre, acted in theatre, had a pretty good time, etc. (That singing thing had got lost where did it go?)

BREAK UP. It happens to most of us, several times. It happened to her and it was a pilot lighter! The barely-played guitar sitting in the living room became her muse and she began to write songs, discovering with delight that if she wrote songs herself, she got to decide the characters, setting, conflict, and mood. It seemed like writing songs was IT. There was the pilot lighter! She did less theatre, wrote more songs, hit the open mic circuit, and has since come out with her first album, Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights. She has also taken up the banjo and ukulele and continues to wring mythical stories out of everyday life.


Little Bird Jump
Mindy Dillard & Eric McEuen



Mindy is a multi-faceted performance artist. She's a tap dancer, a yoga instructor, and she's currently performing solo around the great pacific northwet. In addition to her solo shows, she regularly performs with the Heartroot and Snailpeople! music duos.

Mindy is also working on Snow White and Submarines, a folk operetta that she has workshopped in Portland, OR and PT. Townsend, WA. The operetta looks at what distances us from authentic nourishment through the frames of Disney fairy tales and Jungian stories.

Mindy is ALSO also working on a multi-media project called Nourish You. In this project, she invites people to submit their own recipe for personal nourishment. Really authentic nourishment. To participate in the project and get more information click here.



"Theatrical and offbeat, Mindy Dillard rivets listeners with her left-of-center, asymmetrical amalgam of story/songwriting, magical realism, performance art, neo-feminism and depth psychology."
              -- Lisa Lepine ProMotion Queen, Portland, OR

"Mindy Dillard is a remarkable performance artist as well as a creative and brilliant songwriter. A beautiful lyrical soprano, she immediately captures her audience by taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary. Her quirky, on the edge, performance will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone."
              -- Richard Columbo, Artichoke Music, Portland, OR

"Mindy is more than a musician. Her music/presentation/performance is exciting, delicious, intriguing, delightful. Her story words are unpredictable, her delivery keeps me glued and the pieces are consistently wonderful. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of Mindy Dillard."
              -- Carol Newman, Coast Community Radio, OR

"Mindy is a pure joy! Her fiercely unique perspective and theatrical approach to grassroots folk music is a delight. She lit up the room every time she performed here at the Redhare!"
"Mindy Dillard is the Conan of Folk Music!"
              -- Scott Docherty, Redhare Presents

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Nourish You

Mindy Dillard - Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights
Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights