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The unboxable NY original, whose music flows with a blend of harmonic depth, tense sensuality, mystery and, of course, muse-icality.


Arielle began her muse-ical life as a fair-haired self-muser. She got sick of other peoplesí realities quickly. Concerned, her family brought her to an allergist who diagnosed Arielle with reality intolerance and suggested a cure-- to live in her own world.

And so, she creates!

Once, on a creative binge, her own religion appeared: Shedonism™, the pursuit of joy. This religion remains Arielle's mantra díjour. In fact, she's worked more jobs than god, such as being a writer. Among her Shedonistic writings is a published collection of erotica entitled, Seasons of Desire.

Since passion for passionís sake has always impassioned Arielle, she explores this phenomenon in her music. Whet, her current concept CD, honors her dedication to creating her own brand of passion. Its songs, including the popular 'Both Ways', 'Soft and Wet' and 'Flirting With Destiny', flow with a blend of harmonic depth, tense sensuality, mystery, and muse-icality.

As a singer/songwriter, as in her other creative pursuits, Arielle takes a passionate, eclectic approach to her music. Her edgy, melodic voice has been compared to Alanis, Janis, and Ani. Her lyrics reveal the writer in her, leaving enough ambiguity for the listener to engage various interpretations along with word choices that are detailed enough to evoke deep emotion. Her melodies appear ostensibly simple and yet paradoxical.

Roomful of Sky Records is extremely proud to help Arielle spread her doctrine of Shedonism throughout the land.


Arielleís music is featured in film as well as used by non-profit organizations to enhance their message.

At this time, Arielle's longest relationship is with her guitar, which is an open relationship so other guitars are free to e-mail her. Thankfully, the future remains open to possibilities for passionate reality checks and balances.

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